My Way Podcast is committed to telling people’s stories of how they got from point A to point B in their careers and personal lives! It is our goal to inspire and motivate our listeners by sharing our guests’ diverse journeys spanning the arts,entrepreneurship, social justice, adult entertainment, and beyond. The podcast is a journey in itself – a celebratory experiment that seeks to forge its own path by showing how driven individuals from all different backgrounds and callings take on life’s endless twists and turns, their way. And what’s more, we hope to facilitate a positive change in your life. Whether you come away with the motivation to start your own podcast, my-way-podcast_logo_full-color-on-whtpursue a new interest, be more productive at work, or simply take the stairs, if our stories motivate you to live life as a more inspired and individual you, then we have done our job.



About Our Host: Twitter Pic

Michael Nicks is the Host & Producer of the My Way Podcast. Currently he is working on launching the My Way Podcast, two web series pilots (My Mom, My Man, and Me – Save Peter the Bunny), and he is the founder of Humoresque Entertainment, a new media company. It is Michael’s goal to inspire, motivate, educate, and entertain via new media, which he believes will replace televised and print media. *Note: Michael apologizes for this picture. He knows he looks like a horse and would like to make it known that he is MUCH more attractive in real life*










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