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Today I am talking with top Hollywood script consultant, Dara Marks. One of the recurring themes of our talk (of which there were many) is personal growth, an aspect of life that has always been interesting to me. Talking with Dara made me think of a few people in my life who, for whatever reason, lack the ability to grow past setbacks, develop beyond their teens or twenties, and find themselves living in their own tragic story. Are they aware of it themselves? I don’t think I will ever know.
What should be said, and is said by Dara, is that the growth/healing process is not a race. It takes time.

As you listen to this episode of the My Way Podcast, I hope you think about yourself.

How have you grown over the course of your life? Do you ever live life based on an old narrative that no longer applies or serves you?

To quote Dara Marks,

“We all know people who died long before we threw dirt on their coffins.”

In conclusion, just as I concluded my conversation with Dara…If you had to pick one film, TV series, play, or novel that would best describe your life and your journey, what would it be?

Let me know!

Finally I am always eager to hear from you, if you ever have a question or if you want to say, “Hi”. Please shoot me a email at michael@mywapodcast.com

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