Bye Bye Comfort Zone!

After two years of posting 15 second Instagram videos, I have been convinced to jump into the shark tank alone and I want to invite you in with me. What we have here is the very first solo podcast episode featured on My Way Podcast. It is time to step outside our comfort zone!

I really want to focus on “Putting Yourself Out There” or “Say Goodbye to your Comfort Zone” for my first one on one talk with you. I know it can be scary to go out alone and do something you have never done before. I know the thought of putting yourself out there can make one freeze with trepidation. However, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and do it!

Throw caution to the wind and tell yourself, “ I am putting myself out there and if you don’t like, suck it!” They say that in old age, you never regret the things that you have done, but only the things you hadn’t.

Don’t regret your past.

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